Settling into PA


Well here we are. Who knew that we would find a place in so short a time, all of three days after arriving in Wilkes-Barre!

We’ve been very busy these first days, now all of 1.5 weeks into our relocation, we have in a very short span managed to do a lot of things…

Drove 1760 miles from Austin to Wilkes-Barre in 3 days.

Found and setup camp at Moon Lake County Park.

Found a mail drop to make our new mailing address.

Found a new bank to make our home bank and setup accounts.

Lightly scoured the countryside, and in the end found a cute apartment to rent, less than 3 miles from work. Sweet. Minimum commute time last week was 10 minutes, max 17. We’ll see how it goes.

Started working at both our respective jobs.

We have met over half the occupants of our apartment building and they’re all cool people so far, 3 out of four apartments have one or more cats so how bad CAN they be?

Painted the bathroom in the apartment.

Started cycling, both road and dirt, both of us (each to our own levels).

We both seem to be making good connections with people at our respective workplaces.

I’ve even started to make connections in the local cycling scene – I hesitate to say friends yet, it’s too early, but signs are good.

So, things are looking pretty dang good if you ask me.

Now if only paychecks would start moving, that’d de-stress us both quite a bit.

We are terribly missing our Austin friends, make no mistake. We are NOT missing the Austin weather, temperatures from 50-80 with a vibrant and healthy landscape are MUCH more to both our likings. I’m still working on finding “those” trails, as the public samplings I’ve had so far are good, but I hope to be only the tip of the iceberg.