Snug Harbor: Port of call for family musings

  • Time Is Fleeting

    Somebody once said that time flies, and boy are they right. It feels like only yesterday we were dealing with Family Christmas Drama and here it is the Ides of March. Maybe things will go better this year, it sure could not be that difficult if only important people can try to not die off […]

  • A New Year

    We made it. 2010 now spreads out before us like a blank painter’s canvas, awaiting color and stroke to provide it feature and meaning. The questions posed … Which colors to use? What strokes to apply? How deeply to tread? Who to journey with? Please think kindly of us as we go hand in hand […]

  • Merry December

    Well, we are nearing the point where I get to experiece my first real winter in over ten years. Wish me luck. To kick the month off nicely though, my offiice has ugraded me to my very own private cube. I feel so Office Space now.

  • Introducing Lila …

    We can officially claim to be settled into NEPA now.  Both Ted and I are hard at work at our new jobs aand things at home become more like home every day.  As a result of feeling this way, we went and adopted a little itty bitty kitty on Saturday. Introducing Lila … Lila is […]

  • Settling into PA

    Well here we are. Who knew that we would find a place in so short a time, all of three days after arriving in Wilkes-Barre! We’ve been very busy these first days, now all of 1.5 weeks into our relocation, we have in a very short span managed to do a lot of things… Drove […]

  • Winds of Change

    The winds of change is in the air.  After a wonderful 10 years in Austin, Texas, we are moving! On Sunday we are packing up the cars and taking the T@B and heading to Pennsylvania.  After graduating with my Ph.D., I managed to land a faculty position at King’s College, a small liberal arts school […]

  • Can we just be DONE with this?

    2009 has been a year of ups and downs, and i’m almost done with it and ready to walk off. There’s some severely stressful times coming for the Bear Clan, as I affectionately call the grouping of myself, Maria, and our lone remaining kitty Burnadette. Maria’s starting her new job in August at King’s College […]

  • Of Loss

    On Thursday I found out that my father, who was hospitalized on Wednesday, was moving to Hospice Care on Friday morning, with “not long” as the prognosis thence. This was a sad thing, but not unexpected. Dad had been in and out of the hospital all year and was in pretty frail shape. The years […]

  • Rest in Peace, dearest Loki

    He passed quietly and with relief, yesterday evening. I miss him horribly. He has been one of the greatest companions a Bear could ask for since 1995.

  • I have sweet friends

    A good friend sent the following to me today, I had to share. Author’s name witheld to preserve anonymity – but they have written other nice poems before … Oh where oh where is the sweet Bear? Stuck at work, I can hear him swear! His wife and friends miss him so He misses riding […]