Category: Friends and Family

  • Can we just be DONE with this?

    2009 has been a year of ups and downs, and i’m almost done with it and ready to walk off. There’s some severely stressful times coming for the Bear Clan, as I affectionately call the grouping of myself, Maria, and our lone remaining kitty Burnadette. Maria’s starting her new job in August at King’s College […]

  • Of Loss

    On Thursday I found out that my father, who was hospitalized on Wednesday, was moving to Hospice Care on Friday morning, with “not long” as the prognosis thence. This was a sad thing, but not unexpected. Dad had been in and out of the hospital all year and was in pretty frail shape. The years […]

  • I have sweet friends

    A good friend sent the following to me today, I had to share. Author’s name witheld to preserve anonymity – but they have written other nice poems before … Oh where oh where is the sweet Bear? Stuck at work, I can hear him swear! His wife and friends miss him so He misses riding […]

  • Sigh. Families.

    Maria and I spent a long weekend back east just this past, to visit with my family. My father has been in the hospital for about a month, he’s no spring chicken, but he’s been basted pretty well over the years (prescribed medications for issues). He’s not really in very good shape. Of course, he’s […]