Author: Ted

  • Ted’s NoSoX 2023 Ride

    Just to start this off I could not have done this without the support of my wife Maria, she was tremendous, leading-up, during, and after. It all started with just wanting to get back my cycling closer to where it should be to keep myself happy & healthy (mentally and physically). So, i’ve been ramping […]

  • Well, begin the next great chapter!

    Hi there intrepid readers, it’s been years since I checked in, maybe I’ll be better, who knows? Here we are, finally fully relocated to North Carolina, after a long stretch of having a separated household. In the spring Mrs Bear landed a new job, teaching in Charlotte at Northeastern University, which she started at came […]

  • Welcome to 2015

    Well, we all made it again – another circuit around Sol. 2014 in retrospect was a good-bad year, but thankfully it went out with a whimper and not a bang, like 2013 did. The beginning of the year had us reeling from the passing of Maria’s mother, just weeks before Christmas 2013. This was both […]

  • Bon Voyage

    M is off to Florida this morning, to help out her parents through the holiday break that school gives her. I’m very happy that she can go, but I miss her already.

  • Newness

    I’m playing around with our blog, reformatting, adding image galleries, etc. Stay tuned.

  • Autumn Again

    It’s been a full summer. Maria’s had some great time off and done some fun geocaching adventures. She also wrote a work-book for one of her class-sequences at King’s, which is now being applied to her entry level students. Sure to  have some revisions as she goes but there is hope to be able to […]

  • Welcome back, Spring!

    In a mere two days Spring season will officially be here. Today though, starts Bear’s real cycling season for 2011. Daylight is being Saved, bikes are *mostly* ready, and the Plan is Engaged to go longer, bigger, and further than any previous year. Honey will even be drug along for some of the ride, I […]

  • 7 Months Later

    It hasn’t been a static 7 months, but we just don’t seem to diver time to maintaining the blog a whole lot. Too bad. Highlights… Maria coached her first group of students to a successful ACM Programming competition, a regional level competition held locally here at Wilkes University. The King’s group managed to do better […]

  • May Again

    It seems to me that life is always going to be bittersweet. Good with Bad. Yin with Yang. This month, along with celebrating another great year with Wife I get to remember and have the feelings surrounding the deaths of Dad, Aunt Betsy, Aunt Millie, and friend Anthony all together. I suppose that each year […]

  • Friends

    We finally managed to visit some of our East Coast friends this weekend. Sad, but it took the threat of them moving to our previous home town of Austin TX in the immediate future to galvanize a very targeted weekend – going to see one family and one only. You know, it was great. No […]