Well, begin the next great chapter!

Hi there intrepid readers, it’s been years since I checked in, maybe I’ll be better, who knows?

Here we are, finally fully relocated to North Carolina, after a long stretch of having a separated household. In the spring Mrs Bear landed a new job, teaching in Charlotte at Northeastern University, which she started at came May.

Some months later I finally managed to land a new position also … not quite in Charlotte though but at least in the same state. I’ll be continuing my adventures providing IT services to the US Postal Service. As of November 3 I now work out of one of the Raleigh offices.

We’ve already made a couple new friends, unsurprisingly bicycle related, and Mrs Bear has started making new geocaching friends too, so things are looking pretty rosy from this perspective.

There’s so much more going on, but we’re both very happy to be here in NC and looking forward cheerfully.

We of course do and will miss our PA friends, but hope to see at least some of them now and again as time goes on.

Thanks for stopping by!