Autumn Again

It’s been a full summer.

Maria’s had some great time off and done some fun geocaching adventures.

She also wrote a work-book for one of her class-sequences at King’s, which is now being applied to her entry level students. Sure to  have some revisions as she goes but there is hope to be able to publish it for real in a year or so.

Work for me at USPS continues at what would be a “nominal” pace for me – it’s just too held back by paperwork compared to my previous development career in computer gaming to consider it a hard level of effort, even though I’ve basically wholesale refactored major portions of one of our two big data feeds (both inbound and outbound). The coming year proves to be “curious” as the replacement system for the one I work with is being designed and I’ll likely be involved in development to some degree – at least that what I’ve been told.

My cycling this summer was different than last, I did get MORE cross-country than last, which is good, but still not enough epic rides. It’s tough as I don’t have a regular / reliable epic riding partner, much less group. I think next year I’m going to lobby for a SPOT tracker and just go off into the back country by myself and to heck with it.

I have had a really great year with the downhilling. Dave and Amy Temerantz are such fun people to spend time with, and great “DH buddies” – I wish they had the “long XC ride” bug bite them though. It’s just not going to happen. The three of us raced in the Diablo Gravity Series at Diablo Freeride MTB Park in Vernon NJ  this year and I think Amy is going to be pretty high if not 1st in standings in her class come the last race. I’m going to race both events at the next one and see if I can’t come in with a higher overall than Dave. Not sure, but it may be possible, we’ll see.

Next year I may want to race some XC/marathon things IN ADDITION to the DH stuff. Kind-of depends upon what Dave & Amy want to do. I sort-of hope they decide they want to do the Gravity East Series as that would get us to different venues. I would not likely be able to afford to go to every race, but I’d probably try!

But now, it’s autumn. The world is wet – it’s been a time of “epic rain” here in NE PA. The leaves are changing. Time to think about a fender for my MTB. And a second pair of tights maybe – should have thought of that last weekend at the swap-meet!

Also maybe time to get the skiis prepared for winter, so they’re ready. Kick-n-glide time is coming sooner than not, maybe.