May Again

It seems to me that life is always going to be bittersweet. Good with Bad. Yin with Yang.

This month, along with celebrating another great year with Wife I get to remember and have the feelings surrounding the deaths of Dad, Aunt Betsy, Aunt Millie, and friend Anthony all together.

I suppose that each year will allow the remembrances to become more distant and a little easier. I hope so, because I find myself strangely drained – ambivalent – unmotivated of my goals – and there is no real good reason.

I am thankful hat Dad and Betsy and Aunt Millie don’t have to Fight their Fights. But they are missed.

I am also thankful for the people I do have. Old and new. That keep me engaged in life and positive motion.

Tempes Fugit
Carpe Diem



We finally managed to visit some of our East Coast friends this weekend.

Sad, but it took the threat of them moving to our previous home town of Austin TX in the immediate future to galvanize a very targeted weekend – going to see one family and one only.

You know, it was great. No big deal, no stress, easy to get going, we had a fabulous time. We’re super happy with the weekend and we’ve decided that is how we need to go about reconnecting with the rest of our friends.

So, K&D, M&M, L&E, Sister, Sister, etc., you’ve been warned. ;^)

We’re also sad to learn that a dear friend’s daughter had an appendix problem Saturday and was hospitalized. It SOUNDS like she’s going to be fine, but she’s not home yet, so our thoughts and prayers are with Family G this weekend.