Friends and Family

Can we just be DONE with this?

2009 has been a year of ups and downs, and i’m almost done with it and ready to walk off.

There’s some severely stressful times coming for the Bear Clan, as I affectionately call the grouping of myself, Maria, and our lone remaining kitty Burnadette. Maria’s starting her new job in August at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre (PA), I’ll hopefully transition well, moving the household up there, all is enough for any single family to deal with, don’t you think?

But no, we’ve had lightweight illness (I had the flu for a couple weeks), injury (Maria needed knee surgery in March), death of friends (Anthony Sloan), death of friend of family (my sister had the wife of a close friend go), death of a parent (my Dad), death of almost-parent (my Aunt Betsy), and last night we found out my Aunt Millie had passed.

My most strong condolences to the whole Mays clan. I have the fondest memories of visits to North Carolina and family gatherings of Jump and Mays in the Smokey Mountains, from my youth. Uncle Charlie and Aunt Millie were always awesome people to me and I hold them that way in my heart. The families that have grown from them are all cool people – Chuck and Dan and Dave and Amy and all the huge extended family that they represent.

To this day I can remember some flashes very clearly of Uncle Charlie taking me out and teaching me to fly-fish, catching “hawgs” (large mouth bass) at some nearby pond or lake. I’m going to have to take that up again.


Ah well, oh 50 hours until Maria punts out to Ireland on her next academic tour, leaving me to take care of kitty and litter.