Month: April 2009

  • Rest in Peace, dearest Loki

    He passed quietly and with relief, yesterday evening. I miss him horribly. He has been one of the greatest companions a Bear could ask for since 1995.

  • I have sweet friends

    A good friend sent the following to me today, I had to share. Author’s name witheld to preserve anonymity – but they have written other nice poems before … Oh where oh where is the sweet Bear? Stuck at work, I can hear him swear! His wife and friends miss him so He misses riding […]

  • and life continues

    Good Stuff Maria’s accepted the job in PA, if you hadn’t heard, so the Bear Cave will be relocating to points northerly. Maria will be starting up there in August and heading up there late July / Early August. I’ll be following, probably. Starting sometime this spring/summer I’ll be doing the Real Job Search as […]