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Is it possible that we will move to Pennsylvania?  That is the current question of the hour.  I just got back from an interview at a small, Catholic liberal arts college in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  I think that it went well.  So we begin to comtimplate what it would mean to move there.  The biggest concern in my mind … what will Bear do if we move there??


Another week another wackiness

Well, word from the home front is both bad and good.

That would be home as in Mom and Pop. Seems Dad has another “episode” which landed him in the hospital. This time in a trauma center in Baltimore, and thankfully for a lot shorter time. Within a few days he was back at Brinton Woods with orders to drink 1 gallon of water a day to help his body process properly and prevent the wacky sodium levels that are giving him problems.

*phew* – that is good advice for us all, drink plenty of water.

This week has been a buster of one for me at work, I think it hit me for more than 70 hours but i’m not sure. I even got asked to go in on the day “off” I had arranged (Sat) to help out. This is okay, really, it’s part of what we sign up for with computer game development. As the president of the company (CEO? unclear on real title, think of him as The Big Cheese okay?) in an email (paraphrased): “We give people a lot of slack in the first 2/3 of a project, long lunches – easy hours – lots of slack time – on the knowing basis that the end of the project will likely require those hours be paid back.” He’s really right about that, and anyone that goes into computer game devleopment without signing up for this is doing both themselves, and their team, a huge disservice, and should look elsewhere.

Not that I’m sure it’s fundamentally different in other IT sectors, just different load levels, and different loading, at different project times.

So, basically, one more week of this craziness and I think we’ll be over the hump. I’m sure there will be some significant issues come up in the weeks after, but by need they will be addressed with a much more controlled and limited change process.

Wish me luck, eh?