Friends and Family

Sigh. Families.

Maria and I spent a long weekend back east just this past, to visit with my family.

My father has been in the hospital for about a month, he’s no spring chicken, but he’s been basted pretty well over the years (prescribed medications for issues). He’s not really in very good shape. Of course, he’s not been in good shape for quite a while by any measure – not his fault just his bad luck. The visiting with him was both good and bad, and it was good for both for my part. I just hope that he remembers that we were there and takes some pleasure from it.

My mom is incredible. Her devotion for taking care of Dad in general is fabulous, in these days of him being in the hospital – working with him, feeding him, looking out for him and his needs with the obviously understaffed facility, well it is just tremendous. Her meticulous recording of what has gone on with Dad over the years gives her a clinical view of him no doctor or nurse can have, and it’s good to see some of them listen to her. How she takes care of herself in these times I can’t imagine, she spends probably ten hours a day or more at the hospital with Dad! If anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, really gets in her way I think I’ll have to drive up to Maryland and ride my mountain bike all OVER them until they knuckle under!

My aunt has also been having her own issues, with her own time in and out of inpatient supervised care. However, last weekend at least, she was in great shape and was finding her entertainment by having her bathroom ripped up by plumbers. The “one hour” job was on it’s second day. Is this normal?

The best bit I guess, is that while the Mrs. is wounded (knee damage, surgery coming) her post-PhD prognosis is looking up with some potential job interviews real soon. Huzzah!

I’m actually really spent at this point. Emotionally. Mentally. Frustration wise. Still processing. Don’t know where I’ll end up.