Sample tracklogs from my Garmin devices

I put this up to provide some data during an online discussion of GPS receive accuracy and the Garmin Fenix 6 product.

I personally find the device (Fenix 6x) to be very reasonable in the geolocation accuracy, particularly for a consumer oriented device with an amazingly small form factor. I use the device for 24x7 personal activity & health monitoring but also for activity-based recording - mostly for forms of bicycling and by a long shot mostly mountain-biking.

I currently live in the Raleigh, NC, USA vicinity so most of my activities are there. Since '92 I have lived in northeastern PA (near Wilkes-Barre), Austin TX, and the Washington DC metro area. I have been using consumer GPS devices since the 90's in varous ways, in numerous US states and a few other countries (notably the Domincan Republic, New Zealand, and Sweden). I have used them for tracking and recording, but also for guided navigation (street, trail, and course) but also for traditional topographic nativation - simply using the on-board topographic map to make decisions on which direction to go as-if I only had a paper map and lensatic compass.

Sample Tracklogs - Fenix 6x

A note on device settings - The default settings for gps track recording is (usually) "smart" - in that the device will not record at a consistent time rate, but will try to record the least trackpoints necessary to describe the path taken. I find this unusable off-road, whether cycling or hiking, so I always set my devices to record at 1 second intervals whenever possible. I leave my device using GPS+GLONASS for satellite networks, I have only lightly tested only using GPS and haven't observed enough difference to make it worth fiddling with that setting. There's ao pro- and con- discussions online, but I also enable both 3D distance and 3D speed settings. I do not know for sure whether the 3D settings affect track recording.
AR_bentonville_blowing_springs_back_40.gpx Nice long XC ride from Blowing Springs trailhead, looping Back 40, including Ledges option. Trails just outside Bentonville, AR.
NC_ashville_bent_creek_sample.gpx Very short ride in Bent Creek Experimental Forest just outside Ashville, NC. Had an equipment failure which forced me to bail earlier than planned, I will be back.
NC_briar_chapel.gpx Sampler of trails at Briar Chapel, NC. Nice systems that is lovingly maintained. Good variety of very beginner / family-friendly stuff to more techie, some more raw, and fun artificial features in the 'skills' area.
NC_Hillsboro_brumley_forest.gpx Just one at-pace loop of the major sections at Brumley Forest, part of the Triangle Land Conservancy supported trails.
NC_new_light.gpx Sample loop at New Light trails, adjacent to Falls Lake. Missed one section though, got it next time. Nicely rough and "honest" trails as I think of it - hat-off to peoplpe who ride hard-tail or rigid bikes here, to me it really speaks towards a 4+ inch full-suspension trail bike.
NC_raleigh_neuse_river_and_road.gpx Combined greenway (paved) and road ride, on my road bike, one wet weekend.
VA_danville_anglers_ridge.gpx Partial exploration of Angler's Ridge trails just outside Danville VA
Bike trips with tracklogs
Bear's 2002 Moab Bike Vacation with the Church of the Knobby Tyre A little while after moving to Austin TX I hooked up with the COKT, who eventually invited me to go along with them on their annual Moab UT pilgrimmage.
GPS tracklog data courtest Garmin GPS III Plus.
Bear's 2007 Epic Solo Southwest Road trip Between jobs and on full severance took a wife-endorsed vacation, sampling people, places, and trails across Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.
GPS tracklog data courtest Garmin Edge 705.
Bear's 2009 MTBR Arizona Spring Fling trip Me and a friend took off from Austin TX to meet up with a bunch from the MTBR Arizona forum, riding out of Tucson, Phoenix, and Sedona.
GPS tracklog data courtest Garmin Edge 705.

Device Background

My history with GPS receivers includes Garmin 3 Plus, Edge 705, GPSMAP 60csx, 62st, and Fenix 3, 5, and 6x. I've also lightly used a Delorme PN-40. My wife has been an intense user of GPS receivers as she discovered geocaching in the '00s and literally burned through a number of devices and owing to interaction with that community had hands-on many more.