Snug Harbor: Port of call for family musings

  • Goodbye Mom

    On the first day of Summer 2023 (Wednesday 6/21) my mother, Janet B. Jump, concluded her journey that on this world began in 1934. By all accounts she ended her time as a pleasant if not outright entertaining person, after an extended period with continually progressing dementia. This was not a surprise ending and please […]

  • Ted’s NoSoX 2023 Ride

    Just to start this off I could not have done this without the support of my wife Maria, she was tremendous, leading-up, during, and after. It all started with just wanting to get back my cycling closer to where it should be to keep myself happy & healthy (mentally and physically). So, i’ve been ramping […]

  • Well, begin the next great chapter!

    Hi there intrepid readers, it’s been years since I checked in, maybe I’ll be better, who knows? Here we are, finally fully relocated to North Carolina, after a long stretch of having a separated household. In the spring Mrs Bear landed a new job, teaching in Charlotte at Northeastern University, which she started at came […]

  • Welcome to 2015

    Well, we all made it again – another circuit around Sol. 2014 in retrospect was a good-bad year, but thankfully it went out with a whimper and not a bang, like 2013 did. The beginning of the year had us reeling from the passing of Maria’s mother, just weeks before Christmas 2013. This was both […]

  • Bon Voyage

    M is off to Florida this morning, to help out her parents through the holiday break that school gives her. I’m very happy that she can go, but I miss her already.

  • Newness

    I’m playing around with our blog, reformatting, adding image galleries, etc. Stay tuned.

  • Autumn Again

    It’s been a full summer. Maria’s had some great time off and done some fun geocaching adventures. She also wrote a work-book for one of her class-sequences at King’s, which is now being applied to her entry level students. Sure to  have some revisions as she goes but there is hope to be able to […]

  • Welcome back, Spring!

    In a mere two days Spring season will officially be here. Today though, starts Bear’s real cycling season for 2011. Daylight is being Saved, bikes are *mostly* ready, and the Plan is Engaged to go longer, bigger, and further than any previous year. Honey will even be drug along for some of the ride, I […]

  • 7 Months Later

    It hasn’t been a static 7 months, but we just don’t seem to diver time to maintaining the blog a whole lot. Too bad. Highlights… Maria coached her first group of students to a successful ACM Programming competition, a regional level competition held locally here at Wilkes University. The King’s group managed to do better […]

  • May Again

    It seems to me that life is always going to be bittersweet. Good with Bad. Yin with Yang. This month, along with celebrating another great year with Wife I get to remember and have the feelings surrounding the deaths of Dad, Aunt Betsy, Aunt Millie, and friend Anthony all together. I suppose that each year […]